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Uploading asks from the ask blog

Hello all!

So as I mentioned in Sunday's update, my buffer has officially run out. I haven't started on the next page yet because of several factors including work, lack of motivation, and participating in a Halloween event in the ask blog community. I'll be doing the next page entirely from scratch and I have an idea for how it's going to go, but I don't know when I'll actually start on it just because I really want to participate in the Halloween event. So I had an idea. Would you guys be okay with me uploading some of the asks I've gotten on the ask blog onto this site in order to: 1) allow me to take a break and participate in this event and 2) give me time to work on the next page without being super stressed about it? This might also give me a bit of time to overhaul the site's layout since that's something I've been wanting to do as well but that's a lower priority at the moment.

I'm already planning to upload the asks on my Deviantart anyway, where the updates would be twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday, so I am thinking I would do the same schedule here. You'd get to see some goofy and other antics with the cast. I wouldn't upload every ask, just some of the ones I want to share, but this is entirely dependant on if you guys want/mind that. So just let me know!

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