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Looking Back at 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021

Man December just sorta flew by eh?

I know I initially said that I was planning to have LT return December 13, but shortly thereafter the situation drastically changed. Without going into full detail, what was supposed to a temp part time job for a couple days ended up becoming a full time job with long hours that is very draining. This coupled with the fact that I bit off more than I could chew in December, LT just sorta fell by the way side and ended up going on an unintended hiatus.

So here's the deal. For the time being, I am stuck in this position. The lady I'm filling in for is in the hospital and it doesn't look like she'll be coming back anytime soon, if ever. That said I'm also currently searching for a job that is more in line with what I want to do in the long run so there is a possibility that I'll be changed jobs and maybe even moving within the next 2-6 months. Unlike in the past where I was working from home so I could take breaks to draw throughout the day, I'm not working from home for the time being, so I can't draw until I get off work most days and sometimes I'm just too exhausted to do so.

Thus, here's my plan. I am going to try to scale back Lucky's Travels to once or twice a month updates. I feel like that'll be a bit more manageable for me and if I suddenly get a surge of free time, I mgiht even be able to build a buffer. If you don't really like that change well... I'm sorry. There's not much I can do about it given my current situation. Maybe in the future I'll be able to return to weekly updates, but for the time being scaling back seems like the best option.

Thank you and have a happy New Year!


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31st Dec 2020, 11:09 AM
The Alolan PokeNerd
Ok! Take all the time you need! I wish you good luck on your job hunt/possible move! :3 And happy New Year! \(^v^)/
31st Dec 2020, 1:34 PM
You're too kind. Thank you for being so understanding! hope you have a great weekend!